Yoga and The Magic Kitchen

Ok this is my first post on the Yoga blog so I want to make it meaningful. So I’ll start with something that has been on my mind a lot recently – The Magic Kitchen. The Magic Kitchen is a place I read about during my recent trip to Asia in The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Basically, Ruiz draws an analogy between the abundance/(lack of) food and the abundance/(lack of) love one has to offer to the world.

So here’s a run down of The Magic Kitchen:

If your cupboards are bare and there is no food in sight, you are starving. You are willing to do just about anything for food. Someone comes to your door with a gigantic DiGiorno supreme thick crust pizza. You take it. You don’t care what the consequences or conditions are because this is a matter of survival. Maybe you just sold your soul to the devil, who knows? But your stomach is full. And it tasted great too!

But what is the case when your cupboards are full? They are overflowing with breads from the finest artisans. Jammed with grandma’s homemade cookies. Chock full of freshly picked fruits and veggies from the back yard. You have so much food you don’t know what to do with it all. Then the knock comes at the door – it’s the DiGiorno guy. He’s giving you some sales schpiel but you aren’t listening, you’re simply thinking “this is great, I can give this guy some of my food so it won’t go to waste!” You invite the stranger in for a nice sitdown seafood dinner.

Love works in a similar fashion, but it is even easier to obtain than food! It is everywhere in abundance. And most of all it isn’t far, it’s right inside your inner being. You see, unfortunately many people today have a false perception of reality when it comes to love, they believe it is a scarce resource. If they can find a little bit, they take it and hoard it, no matter what the consequences. They have none to share, they need all of it for themselves. If someone shows up at their door offering “love”, they take it without thinking it through. It might actually be snake oil that this guy is selling you.

What in the world does this have to do with Yoga??

Yoga gives you thepower necessary to see that love comes from the inside and is in total abundance. When you practice yoga you are healthy and don’t have to worry about going to the doctor. Your skin is glowing. You are in a good mood. You surround yourself with other people that are happy and healthy. You have so much love for yourself it is overflowing and it is impossible not to share it with others – it happens automatically. If people stop by and attempt to sell you love, you invite them in for a nice hearty meal.

Is your kitchen open or closed?

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