Bikram Challenge – Kickoff

Day 1: Complete.

It was a tough session marked by my sore (or possibly torn) hamstrings/tendons.  I think I got overly aggressive with my practice the last few weeks and now am paying the price.  I did a little online research and determined the best ways to get into poses or modify in order to eliminate the excess strain on my hamstring tendons at their origination point (i.e. where the tendon meets the pelvis).   The instructor (Chris) also had some great ideas for relieving the pressure on my hammies.

You can even find a challenge in letting go…

The hardest part about my injury was backing off some of the standing poses b/c I was so used to giving 110%.  Chris would be yelling “lock the knee!” or “last chance, go for it!”, and I would have to check my ego at that point.

Day 1 and already my mind is wondering!

It’s saying that I can’t believe I have 29.5 days in a row of this.  Then I thought about how teacher trainers had to do 2x per day for 9 weeks.  That shut my mind up really quickly and then it was back to meditating and postures.  What also made it tough was that the class was fully packed and there were quite a few newbies.  This meant a lot of extra-curricular activity and required even more concentration on my part.  I have to admit I participated in the fidgeting and random movements.  Sometimes we simply fold to being a product of our environment.  But I’m making note of the fact that this is one of the great teachings of yoga – how to remain cool, calm and collect in a sea of chaos.  I’m challenging myself to remain 100% cool the next time I come across one of these overly chaotic classes.

Peace out and wish me luck on 2/30!


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