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Can Commoditization Act as a Positive Force Towards Individualism? Maybe.

As I look around the physical world today, I am noticing a lot of commoditization going on.  No, I don’t mean people stocking up on Oil, Rice, and Pork Belly Futures.  What I am getting at is the commoditization of certain tools and practices.  Think of it as if you were an alien from outerspace paying a visit to earth for the first time.  You see a bunch of people walking around with smartphones that look exactly alike, going to an exercise class where everyone is instructed to perform the exact same movements, Targets/WalMarts/Costco that utilise logisitcal processing systems that are seamless and streamlined.

Will Human Beings be Added to this Collage?

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What Happened to Honesty is the Best Policy?

James Altucher is probably my favorite blogger right now.  He speaks truth like I have never seen before, truth that bleeds.  He’s one of those guys that is wealthy enough and has lied enough and has done everything enough that there is nothing left to hide, nothing left but the truth.  His top post is on that very topic of honesty and can be found here.   Basically, he details what happens when you dig down deep inside and witness and observe.  I’ve been doing some of these same obsevations and thought I’d put together my own small list of what happens in my experience when I am more honest with myself and the people around me.

We can all handle the truth, but maybe our egos can’t.

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