Can Commoditization Act as a Positive Force Towards Individualism? Maybe.

As I look around the physical world today, I am noticing a lot of commoditization going on.  No, I don’t mean people stocking up on Oil, Rice, and Pork Belly Futures.  What I am getting at is the commoditization of certain tools and practices.  Think of it as if you were an alien from outerspace paying a visit to earth for the first time.  You see a bunch of people walking around with smartphones that look exactly alike, going to an exercise class where everyone is instructed to perform the exact same movements, Targets/WalMarts/Costco that utilise logisitcal processing systems that are seamless and streamlined.

Will Human Beings be Added to this Collage?

Is it possible that this worldview is correct and if so, what does this mean if it means anything at all?  On first glance, one could view the developments as a terrible thing, maybe a world akin to the one Adlous Huxley conceptualized in a Brave New World.    There exists the fear that all people then might think the same, behave the same, and lose individuality due to the ‘sameness’ that appears everywhere.  Everyone becomes a product of their environment.  But I think the answer is a bit more nuanced.  Could it be that commoditizing certain worldly things that in turn make us more productive human beings will lead to an explosion of individuality and creativity.  Society will have more time to think, make things, and explore.  I really hope this is the case.

Creativity is Something Innate to Humans, but Can We Lose it Over Time?

The flip side might be that people will use increased productivity to simply work more and accumulate more “wealth” with the goal of gaining perceived status, without paying attention to their mental health, spirituality, and physical wellbeing.

Do We Treat This as a Means Towards Achieving Creativity or as a Scorecard?

The ultimate answer as to how society unfolds lies within each and every one of us.


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