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The Basic Morning Smoothie – Your Body Will Thank You

The base (these are foods I almost always use in my smoothie):

– Either Kale or Spinach.  I think spinach tastes a little better and usually results in a more liquified smoothie (i.e. less lumpiness).  But Kale probably contains more nutrients.  A good alternative is baby Kale.

– Soy Milk/Hemp Milk/Almond Milk.  Sometimes I like to switch it up!

– Something Citrus.  This is key I think because it cuts the flavor of the veggies and it feels like you are eating an all fruit smoothie.  My go-tos are pineapple, grapefruit, or oranges.

–  Ginger.  Because ginger rocks.

– Frozen Berries.  Anti-oxidants yo!

–  Amazing Grass GreenSuperfood.  You never know what micro-nutrients you’re missing out on.

– Whey Protein.  Veggie protein is great, but I think its good to supplement.


Its Go Time

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A Simple Answer to What It Means to Be in Your Original State of Being

I’ve been doing Bikram yoga for ~ 7 months now and I’ve changed my diet.  I’ve lost ~ 20 lbs since the winter time.  One of the techniques in Bikram is building a strong, interlocked grip with your fingers which helps you move into many of the postures.  Strangely, I find myself performing this interlocked grip throughout the day, many times without even realizing it.


They are utilizing the interlocked grip in standing forehead to knee pose

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The Engineering of Attachment

yesterday as i was biking home from the grocery store, backpack in tow, i noticed a lamborgini fly by.  as if in some sort of fancy car parade, an exotic car that looked like a lotus or something flew by right on queue.  i immediately had a warm sensation come over me as I realized these things were no longer the objects of my desire.  but that’s not to say they never were.  i used to act like a materialistic and greedy person, mainly caring about others if they could potentially advance me, or maybe caring about other less fortunate folks because it looked good to other more fortunate people who could then advance me.  so then i could have a lamborgini.  and a vacation home in aspen.  and then a bunch of girls would like me.  however, as I’m finding out, this greedy selfishness didn’t reflect my true nature, my inner soul.  it was all a facade brought about by societal engineering.

engineering in progress

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