You Are An Alchemist

Think it’s impossible to turn led into gold?  Or water into wine?  Or maybe something thats even more beneficial to the world, yet well within your reach?  The truth, my friend, is that you have been an alchemist your entire life.  What I’m talking about here is your innate ability  to transform cosmic energy – let me explain.

Looks Difficult But Actually Quite Simple

Believe it or not, we are one gigantic ball of energy.  If we laid out our entire nervous system in one straight line, it would reach four times around the globe.  Yet all of this has been magically woven right there inside of us, harnessing and then helping to dispatch energy to our various bodily systems, sending signals back and forth from our brains with a quickness that is literally unfathomable.   A veritable lightening storm going on within us every nanosecond we are alive and breathing.  Our bodies can’t quite contain all of this energy transfer so some is released outwardly.  Only then to be consumed again.  It is recycled over and over by all living creatures on this planet and beyond.

We Are All in Here Somewhere

Now, we all intuitively know that energy is generally not neutral.  It has a charge – positive or negative.  We’ve all sensed and experienced negative energy.  Sometimes we feel it creeping out of us and into the ether.  Other times we experience it in the ether and leaking into our own bodies.  We can feel the physiological effects of this negative energy creep.  That’s how we know that the energy is real.  Our heart starts beating a little faster.  We feel a little knot developing in our chest.  Our temperature rises.  Chemicals are released all throughout our body.  This brings us one day closer to our cancers.  Or one step closer to our hypertension. One beat closer to (insert life shortening disease here).

So, let’s chew on this for a bit.  Everyday we are probably faced with 1,000s of opportunities to become alchemists.  That is to say, any situation whereby we can suck in the negative energy and spit it back out into the universe as positive energy.  Or maybe  we suck it in, deal with it, and at least not return the negative energy back to the cosmos.  So for instance, ohhh i don’t know,  maybe some guy cuts you off on your way to work this morning, causing you to slam on the breaks.  Your blood pressure rises at the nerve of this dude that was completely inconsiderate of your need to not get in an accident this morning.  What an ass hole.  Somewhat unconsciously you might slam on the horn, or perhaps you flick the guy off, or maybe you race up to him at the next light and start screaming expletives that that would make the Dice Man blush.  Who knows what you might do?  You’re not thinking clearly.

How could you channel your inner alchemist here?  It’s so easy I’m almost embarrassed to go further.   I’m embarrassed because you already know it, its already there inside of you.  But I’ll do it anyway!  What needs to happen is you need to take a deep breath.  Or maybe 10 deep breaths.  Whatever it takes to regain a sense of calm.  Then you stop judging.  You can then think – maybe that guy that cut you off is in a race to get to the hospital because his wife is in labor.  OR maybe he is just having a bad day and is late for an important meeting. Or…yada yada yada… the possibilities are endless.  Then you can think that someday, ‘that guy’ might be ME cutting someone off.  Maybe I will be the one racing to the emergency room because my kid broke her arm.  Now you are moving into a state of empathy, a state of relation.   That evil man in the car up ahead of me is maybe a bit more similar to myself than i choose to recognize at this particular moment.  You can see that he is just trying to fulfill a mission that I one day might be trying to fulfill.  So then you can tackle that negative energy and pummel it with your awesome superpowers, never to let it return again.

The final step is bringing the energy full circle.  You see that man at the coffee shop later that day, and instead of  giving him an evil look or making a snide remark, you make a nice gesture like telling him you like his shoes.  Or you open the door for him.  Or you invite him over for bbq ribs.  Whatever floats your boat.  The point is that not only have you smashed the pure negative energy from the near automobile accident, you have actually converted it into positive energy.  How amazing is that!  Now maybe when this guy goes home he doesn’t yell at his dog for slobbering all over the couch (which he might have done had you transferred the negative energy back to him) and instead gives the dog a nice belly rub.  This is how energy works, its contangious and it is VERY powerful.

Alchemy In Action


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