Day 2: Complete.


Seems Easy Enough!

This image is the last thing I see while filling up my water bottle before entering Bikram’s torcher chamber of tough love.  Let me tell you, this little reminder sign is more than a bit misleading!  Yeah sure, stay in there for 90 minutes!  Check – no problem.  Try your best to do the postures correctly!  Easy Peezy.  Upon reading this, a first timer might just start pondering what type of exercise they should do after class in order to get a full body workout.   Thankfully I’m 100% indoctrinated and not tempted by this Siren’s song…instead I am literally trying to hit the fast forward button on my body’s TiVo machine exactly 90 minutes so I can get all the yoga benefit and none of the pain.  Funny, this damn thing never works…I’m calling Direct TV.

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Bikram Challenge – Kickoff

Day 1: Complete.

It was a tough session marked by my sore (or possibly torn) hamstrings/tendons.  I think I got overly aggressive with my practice the last few weeks and now am paying the price.  I did a little online research and determined the best ways to get into poses or modify in order to eliminate the excess strain on my hamstring tendons at their origination point (i.e. where the tendon meets the pelvis).   The instructor (Chris) also had some great ideas for relieving the pressure on my hammies.

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Adam Smith is Rolling Over in His Grave

When Adam Smith spoke of the division of labor and specialization and exchange per his famous pin factory analogy, I don’t think he imagined the world we inhabit today.  High labor productivity was supposed to be a liberating concept, as labor and capital combined to produce the basic goods and services for humanity at an increasingly efficient rate, thus freeing up labor to do other things with it’s time.


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Thoughts on Precious Medals

Everyone should own precious medals.  It acts as a hedge against the worst case scenario.  Maybe you have heard that precious medals are worthless and serve no purpose.  This simply isn’t true (I plan on getting into the reasons in future posts – but for now, jus scour the internet, there are a lot of smart people out there with validating reasons for gold/silver value).   Maybe you hold something like 2% of your portfolio in PMs.  That’s ok, its something and it protects you a bit from the worst case scenario.  If you are particularly pessimistic, you may want to hold up to 25% of your assets in physical PMs.  All fiat currencies are doomed, its just a matter of timing.  Don’t take it from me, just take a look at history!


Yoga and The Magic Kitchen

Ok this is my first post on the Yoga blog so I want to make it meaningful. So I’ll start with something that has been on my mind a lot recently – The Magic Kitchen. The Magic Kitchen is a place I read about during my recent trip to Asia in The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Basically, Ruiz draws an analogy between the abundance/(lack of) food and the abundance/(lack of) love one has to offer to the world.

So here’s a run down of The Magic Kitchen:

If your cupboards are bare and there is no food in sight, you are starving. You are willing to do just about anything for food. Someone comes to your door with a gigantic DiGiorno supreme thick crust pizza. You take it. You don’t care what the consequences or conditions are because this is a matter of survival. Maybe you just sold your soul to the devil, who knows? But your stomach is full. And it tasted great too!

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